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Angelo Faraci Receives President's Award for Professionalism


Faraci Lange's Founding Partner, Angelo G. Faraci, was honored with the Monroe County Bar Association's President's Award for Professionalism at this year's Installation Dinner.

This award is presented on an annual basis to recognize a member of the legal industry who has exemplified and demonstrated a commitment to those principles which are embodied in the concepts of Professionalism, Civility, and Collegiality.

According to the MCBA, "The most common definition of Professionalism is that it is an innate sense of morality and ethics, character, commitment, competence, fairness, integrity, civility, leadership, unwavering commitment to the lawyer's role as an officer of the court and respect for the rule of law. It involves addressing the subject of what is and should be expected of lawyers as opposed to what is merely required of lawyers."

The MCBA has outlined the following criteria for who the President's award will annually recognize:

  • An individual who has not allowed his or her sense of professionalism to become dormant.
  • An individual who has taken this higher path and this higher calling and the individual who continues on this path and the commitment to his or her calling.
  • An individual to whom we aspire as an exemplar and whom we must follow and emulate.
  • An individual who is truly recognized as a lawyer's lawyer.

The recipient of this award is selected by the President of the MCBA with recommendations from the Executive Committee of Trustees.

The Faraci Lange team was present at the MCBA's Annual Installation Dinner last week to cheer on Angelo Faraci as he was presented with his award.

Angeloa Faraci and Paul Lange at Award Ceremony

 Angelo Faraci at Event

 Angelo Faraci Accepting Award

 Angelo accepting award

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