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Sexual Abuse

Rochester Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Amplifying the Voices of Sex Abuse Survivors

At Faraci Lange, LLP, we are proud to tenaciously fight for those who have suffered due to the unforgivable acts of others. Our Rochester sexual abuse attorneys can stand up for you in and out of court if you have been victimized even once by a sexual predator. Even if your abuser was not brought to justice in the criminal court system, you could still have the chance to file a civil lawsuit against them and secure damages that help you put the past behind you and move on with financial stability.

We can manage sexual abuse claims for people who have been abused by:

  • Priests, pastors, and other clergy members
  • Teachers and special educators
  • Nursing home staff and in-home caretakers
  • Youth organization staff and leaders
  • Pediatricians and other medical doctors
  • Other people in positions of authority

The focus of our sexual abuse attorneys is on claims filed by people who were young when they were victimized. However, if you are a sexual abuse survivor in Rochester or the surrounding area, then you should let us know what happened and explore your legal options. All case consultations are free and confidential, so you risk none of your finances or privacy to hear more about how we can help you during such a difficult time.

When you are ready, please call our firm at (888) 997-4110.

New York’s Extended Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse Claims

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently extended a key deadline of the New York Child Victims Act, allowing more people to speak up and against those who abused them when they were children and teenagers. Cuomo’s signature has set the Child Victims Act filing deadline on August 14th, 2021, a full year after the previous deadline that ended on August 13th, 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the court systems considerably, making it difficult for people to file a claim against a sexual abuser. The extended deadline aims to remedy that situation and match the statutes of limitations set by other states in similar legislative movements.

Statutes of limitations under the New York Child Victims Act:

  • If you were sexually abused as a child under the age of 18, then you could have up until you are 55 years old to file a claim.
  • Your claim could qualify for a 1-year lookback period that allows you to file a claim up to one year after the previous statute of limitations expired.

Important note: The extended deadline does not apply to plaintiffs who want to bring a sexual abuse claim against the Diocese of Rochester. This specific diocese filed for bankruptcy last year. The deadline may also not apply to any dioceses that file for bankruptcy in the future, depending on a judge’s discretion. To strengthen the validity of your claim, it is important that you reach out to our law firm as soon as possible, preferably before August 13th, 2020 if you were abused by a member of the Diocese of Rochester.

Call (888) 997-4110 as soon as possible for a free, confidential consultation with our attorneys.

New York Statutes of Limitations for Adult Sexual Abuse Claims

Adults who were sexually abused may have only 3 years to file a civil claim or lawsuit against their abuser under New York law. We understand that it can be difficult to find your footing and your voice in such a brief amount of time after being sexually assaulted. Please remember that our attorneys are here to hold you up and stand in your place if you prefer.

How Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Change Lives

In many cases, sexual predators manipulate their victims into feeling ashamed of what happened, even though it was not their fault. Sexual abusers also commonly gaslight or otherwise coerce their victims into believing that the abuse was permitted, consensual, or acceptable. The entire purpose of the New York Child Victims Act was to help child sexual abuse victims overcome their fears of speaking up against their abusers without rushing them.

At Faraci Lange, LLP, our Rochester sexual abuse attorneys want all of our clients to make the decisions that are the best for them. We will not push you into a hasty decision to file a civil lawsuit against your sexual abuser. However, we encourage you to consider all of your legal options and how a successful sexual abuse lawsuit could positively change your life and the lives of others.

A sexual abuse claim can help by bringing:

  • Closure: Therapists commonly agree that sexual abuse survivors require a sense of closure in order to truly put the past behind them and find a brighter chapter in their lives. A lawsuit could be the key to that closure you need to move on.
  • Protection: Sexual abuse survivors are stronger when they band together against their abusers. Your claim could be pivotal in inspiring others to stand up, too, and file their own claim against the same person who abused you.
  • Stability: Childhood sex abuse often leaves victims emotionally scarred and unwilling to trust strangers. An unexpected yet common result is that survivors have difficulty advancing in school, careers, and other socially driven environments, which can harm their chances of earning a livable wage. Your civil claim against your abuser could help you find financial stability and act as a starting point to build the career you have always wanted.

Institutions & Organizations Liable for Your Damages

Sexual abuse claims are rarely filed against a solitary sexual abuser. You will find in most cases that there is at least one other defendant: the organization that harbored or enabled the abuser. Far too often, it is revealed that religious institutions, employers, and other groups receive complaints about suspicious or predatory behavior from one of their members, but completely ignore the warning signs.

For example, if you were abused by a pastor as a child, then we could file a claim against that individual clergy member and the religious house that harbored them. In this way, we are able to pursue a fairer and greater amount of compensation owed to you. We can do whatever it takes to help you through such challenging times.

Choose a legal team with a reputation for success and compassion. Call our sexual abuse lawyers in Rochester by dialing (888) 997-4110 today.

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