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Pedestrian Accidents

Rochester Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Representing People Hit by Reckless Drivers

Pedestrians who are struck by reckless drivers often suffer severe injuries because they have no protection from the impact. Insurance companies might not think those injuries are such a big deal, though, as evidence by the countless cases in which insurers try to offer injured pedestrians next to nothing. If you’re worried about going up against an insurance company that is going to try to minimize your injuries, then you should team up with legal professionals who know how to challenge them.

Faraci Lange, LLP in Rochester and Buffalo offers top-tier legal services to injured pedestrians throughout our communities. For years, we have been making a name for ourselves by earning professional awards and securing big wins for our clients. Thanks to our contingency fees and free case evaluations, you can learn about filing a claim and retain our representation without reaching for your pocketbook first.

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What to Do When You Get Hit by a Car While Walking

Pedestrian accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence in New York. In New York City alone, there are more than 100 fatal pedestrian accidents each year, based on Vision Zero reports. Here in Rochester and Buffalo, there are fewer but still far too many because one is already too much.

What you do after being in a pedestrian accident matters. The decisions you make shortly after the collision can dramatically affect your personal injury claim and your chances of getting a fair amount of compensation from the driver who hit you.

Let our attorneys know if you did any of the following after your pedestrian accident:

  • Identified the driver: The driver who hit you should stop and provide their identifying and insurance information. Provide our attorneys with that information, so we can research their driving history and know who to file your claim against.
  • Spoke to eyewitnesses: Passersby are more likely to try to stop and help after witnessing a pedestrian accident than compared to a typical car accident. Our attorneys will want to speak with those people to see if they have new information that wouldn’t otherwise be known.
  • Received medical attention: Ideally, you will have received some form of medical attention shortly after your pedestrian accident. Even if you were not severely injured, you should have seen an urgent care doctor for a check-up. If you did, we can use your medical records when building your claim.

What are the Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

One of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents is driver inattention. Driver intoxication is also a serious issue. When a driver is not paying attention to the road around them, they will be more likely to not notice pedestrians due to their smaller size compared to other vehicles.

Pedestrian accidents occur most often at intersections and in parking lots. Both locations are where pedestrians can lawfully enter the road, so it is natural for there to be an increased risk of a pedestrian accident there. In parking lots, drivers need to pay sharp attention while backing out of or swinging into parking spaces because people might be walking there.

Is a Pedestrian Ever at Fault for the Accident?

Although it can sometimes be assumed that a driver’s negligence is what caused a pedestrian accident, there is no way to guarantee that fault will be assigned to a driver. In fact, there are situations in which liability will mostly be assigned to the pedestrian. For example, pedestrians must yield to cars when there is no crosswalk or intersection. A pedestrian who enters the road unlawfully will have a difficult time arguing that they should be fully compensated by the driver who hit them.

Demanding Compensation & What’s Right

You deserve friendly and responsive representation for your Rochester pedestrian accident case. When you choose our attorneys, you can expect the highest caliber of service from start to finish. Our reputation for taking care of clients and casework in a stress-free manner precedes us, and you will see why when we are working on your behalf.

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