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Faraci Lange, LPP Helps with $23.5M Settlement for Petersburgh Water Pollution Case

Contaminated Water

Faraci Lange, LLP has helped secure a $23.5 million settlement for a water pollution case against Taconic Plastics, a plastics company in Petersburgh. The settlement will benefit a plaintiff class that has suffered from drinking water contaminated with PFOA. Many of the plaintiffs have elevated PFOA levels in their blood, which can cause a myriad of health issues like cancer and thyroid failures.

Three funds will be created through the settlement to:

  1. Pay property owners who use the town’s public water system.
  2. Pay property owners who have contaminated private wells.
  3. Create a medical monitoring program for residents who require frequent PFOA blood tests.

PFOA is a chemical used in various industrial processes, including the creation of certain plastic products like those manufactured by Taconic Plastics. Through intensive investigations, it was determined that the smokestacks of the Taconic Plastics plant were the primary causes of groundwater contamination in nearby Petersburgh.

This case greatly reflects another water contamination case our firm helped conclude earlier this year. In that case, we secured $65.25 million to benefit the Hoosick Falls community, which was also plagued by the byproduct of nearby industrial manufacturing.

To learn more about this recent case success, you can click here to view a full article from Times Union. If you need our help with a class action or water contamination case in New York, then please contact us online or dial (888) 997-4110.

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