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Exatech Knee and Ankle Implant Recall

Rochester Exactech Knee & Ankle Implant Recall Lawyers

Lawsuits Against Zimmer, Inc. for Defective Medical Devices

Zimmer, Inc., the world’s largest knee and ankle implant manufacturer, has recently recalled its Exactech Knee and Ankle Implants and Zimmer Persona systems. These medical devices are meant to safely and effectively replace a knee or ankle joint. But many patients are suffering serious health complications and injuries because of a now-identified product defect that causes the knee or ankle implant to fail, sometimes within as little as 60 days after surgical implantation.

Faraci Lange, LLP in Rochester is currently hearing from patients throughout New York and the country who have suffered due to a defective Exactech knee or ankle implant device. Depending on the outcome of ongoing investigations into the defect and whether it should have been reasonably prevented, Zimmer could be fully liable for any damages and losses you have endured. We want to be the legal team that helps secure that compensation and sense of closure for you.

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Zimmer Recalls Exactech Knee & Ankle Replacements

In a letter sent to certain orthopedic surgeons, hospitals, and other health care professionals, Zimmer recently announced that many of its Exactech knee and ankle replacement devices are prone to failure. Specifically, the company uncovered that the products’ packaging was insufficient and the main cause of the issues. Since 2004, Zimmer has used out-of-specification or non-conforming vacuum bags to package the devices. The bags were not completely oxygen-proof due to a missing protective lawyer. As a result, the metal materials within the knee and ankle replacements could oxidize, corrode, and deteriorate before implantation, leading to rapid device failure once implanted.

Zimmer is under the magnifying glass right now not only because of its defective product packaging and shipping methods but also for how it “announced” the recall. Rather than informing the general public and all patients who have or might have had an Exactech knee or ankle replacement device about the known issue, the company tried to discreetly only inform certain health care providers. This roundabout method of informing patients about a potentially severe health risk is entirely unacceptable by today’s legal and medical standards.

Injuries Caused by Exactech Knee & Ankle Device Failures

When a knee or ankle replacement device fails, it is not a simple matter that can be quickly dismissed. It is a serious situation that could lead to life-changing injuries and illnesses suffered by the patient. Again, this is one of the reasons why Zimmer’s decision to notify only certain people about the medical device recall could place full liability for any injuries on the company.

When an Exactech knee or ankle device fails, the patient can suffer from:

  • Bone loss and bone density reduction
  • Adjacent tissue and muscle damage
  • Inability to stand or walk
  • Severe, chronic pain in the affected joint

The only way a doctor can confidently address and correct the situation is to recommend revision surgery to replace the defective device with something else. Revision surgery always carries its own risks of complications, and joint replacement surgery is always followed by a painful recovery. It is unfair that patients with Exactech ankle and knee devices should have to go through another surgery because the company was not careful enough with its product packaging.

Zimmer’s History of Medical Device Failures

Concerningly, the Exactech and Persona Knee Replacement System recall is not Zimmer’s first encounter with such serious issues. The company has had several widescale medical device recalls within the last 15 years, which could be indicative of a larger issue with product quality.

Zimmer has announced these product recalls in recent years:

  • 2008: Durom Cup hip replacement due to device migration risk
  • 2010: MIS Tibial plate components due to device loosening risk
  • 2014: NexGen Knee Implants due to device migration risk

All of these recent recalls are related to the implanted medical device moving or becoming loose after surgical implantation. It has not been confirmed yet, but it is suspected that all of these failures could be caused by device oxidation and corrosion related to defective product packaging. If true, then the forming lawsuits against Zimmer and Exactech could be bolstered.

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Do you have a valid claim to bring against Zimmer for its defective Exactech knee and ankle replacement devices? Find out by speaking with our attorneys today. From our office in Rochester, New York, we are offering legal counsel and assistance to potential clients nationwide. If we hear from enough potential clients, then it could be possible that a class action lawsuit will band a plaintiff class together for one strong case against Zimmer. Find out more by dialing (888) 997-4110 today.

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