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Concerned About Beyaz Side Effects? You Should Be


It's amazing the things you find on product labeling and product websites. It's all there. And anyone who has any query or question over potential Beyaz side effects need only read the information that's readily available from the manufacturer. In so doing, the manufacturer is telling you that there is a potential risk for serious health consequences while taking your money and continuing to sell the product.

Welcome to the great American prescription drug industry, where's it's okay to sell medication that may not necessarily be safe, but so long as the benefits outweigh the risks (thus, risks are a given) and a drug is not conclusively been proven to be unsafe, then all is right with the world...

Beyaz birth control is part of the Yaz/Yasmin family of third-generation oral contraceptives that were designed to help minimize some of the more unsavory side effects of traditional birth control pills - namely bloating and water retention, among others. Beyaz can also help with moderate acne in women of at least 14 years of age - a claim that had teens flocking to Beyaz and its cousins Yaz and Yasmin in droves. And as the name implies, Beyaz is essentially the drospirenone-formulated Yaz with a different wrapper, together with the added benefit of folate. Yaz, with folate. That's Beyaz. To read the entire article click here.

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