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Faraci Lange Nurse Wins Volunteer of the Year Award


Elizabeth K. Zorn, a legal nurse consultant at Faraci Lange, was recently honored with the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) Volunteer of the Year Award.

The AALNC is a non-profit membership organization that works to enhance the professional growth of registered nurses consulting in the legal industry by providing networking opportunities, educational resources, as well as a forum for research and development.

"Beth Zorn is an exemplary volunteer to AALNC and represents the Legal Nurse Consulting profession admirably. Her service has been vital to our organization's success in the past year, and for that reason, the board selected her for AALNC Volunteer of the Year," stated Debbie Pritts, outgoing President of the AALNC, in her award speech.

Beth has served as a past president of the AALNC National Board and as a leader to the organization in numerous ways throughout the years.

Currently, Beth serves on the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting, one of AALNC's premier products reflecting scholarship and excellence in the nursing field. The Editor of the JLNC, Wendie Howland, has described Beth as one of the most outstanding volunteers on that committee, among a group of excellent volunteers, for the contributions she makes to ideas for Journal articles and helping others on the committee to think about solutions.

Beth is also a contributor and editor for the AALNC's Legal Nurse Consulting Professional Course, which is potentially the first LNC education many nurses experience when making the segue into legal nurse consulting. She was also a contributor to AALNC's updated Scope and Standards.

Additionally, Beth is a volunteer on one of the AALNC's most substantial projects -  the new edition of the AALNC Principles and Practices textbook. She serves as an associate editor and has helped to move this significant project forward through her mentorship.

"Beth embodies the professionalism, ethics, and conduct of AALNC and continually gives back to the community with her expertise and time," said Pritts.

The Faraci Lange team congratulates Elizabeth K. Zorn for receiving this honor!