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Lawsuit Against Procter & Gamble for Firing Pregnant Saleswoman

Procter & Gamble

A cosmetics saleswoman is suing Procter & Gamble with the claim that she was fired after becoming pregnant and being told that "pregnancy is not part of the uniform."

The lawsuit was filed in federal court earlier this month by Tiffany Kantrowitz, who worked at P&G's Dolce and Gabbana makeup shop inside Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for two years.

Kantrowitz claims that she was fired by P&G in February 2015 after asking to sit down while taking customers because she was pregnant, in violation of the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

P&G forced Kantrowitz to take breaks that were deducted from the leave time she was entitled to under the Family and Medical Leave Act, despite her wanting to take leave only after her baby was born.

"For (P&G), ever vigilant about the image of its makeup shop sales associates, pregnancy did not comport with the 'perfect look,'" the lawsuit states.

Before she became pregnant, the suit said, Kantrowitz told a supervisor she wanted children and he responded that "pregnancy is not part of the uniform."

When Kantrowitz was fired, the company told her it was because she had taken "tester" items for personal use, according to the lawsuit. However, P&G encouraged its cosmetics staff to do so, and never warned Kantrowitz against it during her time with the company.

Read the full story here.

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