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Zimmer Signs Settlement Agreement to Resolve Durom Cup Lawsuit


Zimmer, Inc. recently announced that it has signed a Settlement Agreement in order to resolve all the lawsuits of U.S. plaintiffs who were implanted with their Durom Cup hip implant and later had it removed due to its premature failure.

The Agreement establishes a Settlement Program that will register, categorize, and settle Durom Cup lawsuits and claims by the end of 2016.

Claimants may be eligible for either the Base Award Program or the Fixed Award Program. The Base Award Program provides an award payment of $175,000, which may then be increased or decreased based on certain, pre-defined criteria that apply to individual claims. The Fixed Award Program is for claimants in certain situations that limit the value of their claims and provides an award payment of $25,000.

In order to participate in the Settlement Program, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident who had a Durom Cup implanted in the U.S. and you must be registered on the program's website no later than April 29, 2016.

An overview of the Agreement, the Settlement Agreement itself, and all of the Exhibits necessary to participate in the Settlement Program can be found here.

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