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Google's New Patent Will Glue Pedestrians to Cars After Crashes

car accident

Google's new patent idea for an adhesive vehicle that would limit the injuries of struck pedestrians in auto accident was granted last week.

The idea of the glue-covered vehicle is to prevent a secondary blow to the pedestrian by allowing them to become stuck to the hood of the car upon being struck. This would lead to fewer injuries, as there would be fewer impacts made by hitting the vehicle's windshield, roof, or the road after the initial collision.

The adhesive coating would be beneath an outer shell that would break at the time of a collision.

Pedestrian safety is an important topic in recent times. In December 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it is expanding its safety ratings in order to better assess how well a vehicle protects pedestrians in an auto accident.

The patent supports the notion that existing car bumpers are generally designed to absorb energy to protect the vehicle, but do not provide much protection for a pedestrian. This new adhesive vehicle front would change that.

Read the full story here.

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