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Why Would the Insurance Company Want a Recorded Statement?

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In New York, when you experience a car accident, you’re contacting your own insurance company to file a claim. If you meet the serious injury threshold, you may file a lawsuit against the negligent party and his or her insurance provider. In any case, speaking with the insurance company has some struggles that you need to know about.

When you call, you may be informed by the insurance company that the statement is being recorded for quality and training purposes. While you may think nothing of this at the time, it’s vital that you recognize what the recorded statement is really for during a claim.

What You Say Matters

Everything you say whenever you report an accident—at the scene, to law enforcement, and to insurance companies—matters. The statements you make go a long way in building your claim and helping you pursue the compensation you need.

If the insurance company requests a recorded statement, they may be looking to utilize it to compare to your other statements. If something doesn’t match up correctly, they may attempt to use this against your character and your memory, potentially resulting in a diminished or denied claim.

Another reason they may want a recorded statement is they’re hoping for an admission of fault. If you say something along the lines of “I am not hurt” or “I didn’t see him/her,” this can be used against you to lower the amount you may receive or even allow the insurance company to deny your claim completely.

Your Rights for a Recorded Statement

While a recorded statement is not always a bad thing, saying the wrong thing can sabotage your claim. As such, having a lawyer with you during the process of receiving questions from an insurance company can help prevent you from saying things that would help the insurance company.

Our Rochester car accident attorneys are ready to help you through the process. At Faraci Lange, LLP, we focus on your rights. Our personalized services are designed to focus on your real needs because we know that this is a difficult time for you. Let us be your guide and your voice during these stressful matters.

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