Fortunately, there are several easily accessible research tools that can help you find highly experienced medical malpractice law firms. You can check the credentials of the firms and their attorneys by visiting "The Best Lawyers in America," (, the American Board of Trial Advocates ( and the American College of Trial Lawyers ( and Martindale-Hubbell ( "The Best Lawyers in America" is a national organization that lists by specialty the attorneys and firms in each geographical area who other attorneys rate among the best in their specialty. As you would expect these attorneys are highly experienced in their fields. Look for firms who have attorneys listed in the medical malpractice section -- the more attorneys listed, the greater the firm's overall medical malpractice experience. The American Board of Trial Advocates and the American College of Trial Lawyers are two other excellent resources because they have rigorous admissions standards and only admit highly experienced trial attorneys. For example, The American College of Trial Lawyers only admits those trial lawyers who are outstanding and considered the best in a state or province. This is very important because the better medical practice attorneys are all highly experienced trial attorneys. This is also very important because highly experienced and regarded medical malpractice trial attorneys are more likely to obtain better settlements and verdicts. In matters as serious as birth trauma injuries you want to know if in addition to superior medical malpractice experience and legal skills, the attorneys and firms also practice at the highest ethical standards. "Martindale-Hubbell" is a highly respected national publication that uses peer reviews to rate attorneys and firms on both the quality of their legal work and their ethical standards. Look for attorneys and firms that receive both an "A," their highest legal quality grade and a "V" their highest ethical grade.