John A. Falk

John A. Falk, Faraci Lange partner, recently resolved a motorcycle accident case for a Rochester resident who was a passenger on a motorcycle driven by the defendant. The driver was travelling eastbound on a road turning right. There was light rain, causing the road to be slick. The driver took a wide turn and crossed onto the center line as two other motorcycles slowed in front. The motorcycle slipped when the back tire hit part of the yellow roadway stripe, causing the driver to lose control and crash. The client fell off the motorcycle and skidded across the road through the opposing lane of traffic.

The injuries the client sustained included bruising, swelling, and significant pain in the right hand, leading to a fracture in one of the fingers. This limited the client's ability to perform day to day tasks in the workplace and at home for a significant period of time following the accident. The case was concluded with a settlement awarded to the client based on the assumed negligence of the driver.

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