Brian Zorn

Faraci Lange Attorney, Brian M. Zorn, recently resolved a premises liability case for a Penfield resident who slipped and fell at a local restaurant due to unsafe conditions caused by a leaking beverage cooler.

Our client was picking up dinner for her family and as she was exiting the restaurant, she slipped on a water puddle that had formed next to the beverage cooler inside the establishment and fell to the ground. The fall caused our client to suffer a serious fracture in her foot, which required two surgeries in order to heal properly. Despite the surgeries, our client is left with permanent functional disability and pain.

Brian was able to successfully negotiate a settlement with the insurer of the establishment to compensate for our client's personal injuries.

Faraci Lange has been handling claims on behalf of individuals who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of establishment owners  for over 45 years. Our attorneys have vast experience in evaluating potential claims in this area and distinguishing those having a reasonable chance of success from those that do not.

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