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Faraci Lange Attorneys Settle House Fire Case


Faraci Lange Attorneys

Faraci Lange attorneys, Matthew Belanger and Kristin Merrick were recently successful in settling a personal injury claim for a Victor resident, who's house was engulfed in flames by the negligence of one of her neighbors.

It was discovered that our client's neighbor had been using a smoker and had deposited the remaining ash, wood chips, and composite materials into a garbage can that was around 30 feet away from the victim's house. It was also found that there were gasoline and propane tanks near the garbage can.

Our client's family who lived in the house were displaced for a period of time due to the damage caused by the fire. One family member also suffered injuries from smoke inhalation. Matt was able to negotiate a successful settlement for the client and her family.

If you have suffered a serious injury as a result of another party's negligence or have questions or concerns regarding personal injury claims, contact Faraci Lange today.

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