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Monroe County Publishes DWI Accident Statistics


DWI Accidents

Monroe County, in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety, has run a Stop-DWI program since 1982 in an effort to educate the community regarding the dangers of impaired driving and to provide funding to organizations involved in alcohol and other drug-related traffic safety activities.

"We want to heighten awareness to the issue of DWI so that the community remembers that drunk driving is a random act of violence and can be prevented," stated program coordinator Peggy Duffy.

Every year, Monroe County publishes an Annual Report summarizing information regarding the efforts of the Stop-DWI program. It also reports on statistical data of current and historical DWI accidents in Monroe County.

According to the Annual Report that was released this month, local law enforcement made 2,462 arrests due to drunk driving and driving under the influence of other substances in 2018.

Monroe County's statistics show that 3.13% of total motor vehicle accidents in 2018 were alcohol or other drug-related. Although the difference is small, this percentage is the lowest it has been in the last five years.

Monroe County DWI Data 2018

According to information received through the Monroe County Medical Examiner's Office, there were a total of 44 traffic fatalities in Monroe County during 2018 that were reported in the Stop-DWI Annual Report. From these 44 fatalities, 16 deaths (36%) were alcohol or other drug-related.

Monroe County Motor Vehicle Fatalities Report

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