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How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take?

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Motorcycle accident cases can be a bit more complicated than a typical car accident case because the injuries are more likely to be severe. Whenever the claimant or plaintiff has suffered catastrophic injuries, any claim or lawsuit that follows is bound to be difficult. But how long will your motorcycle claim or lawsuit really take? The answer is dependent on details that are unique to your case, so reaching a clear prediction will be a challenge.

What Can Slow Down a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

As a motorcycle accident claimant, you will understandably want to get compensation as soon as possible so you can move on with your life and stop worrying about your finances. Unfortunately, a quick case resolution might be unlikely. Factors throughout your case, both internal and external, can slow things down and adds weeks or months to the overall timeline.

What can slow down a motorcycle accident case?

  • Damages: As mentioned, a motorcycle accident is highly likely to result in severe injuries, which require extensive and expensive medical care to treat. Insurance companies do not want to foot the bill for medical treatments, especially when they are costly. The more your damages – medical or otherwise – increase in value, the more resistance you can expect from the opposition, which will slow everything down and possibly interrupt your chances of reaching a settlement.
  • Liability: Questions of liability can also dramatically slow down a motorcycle accident case. If there is room to doubt that you did not contribute to your own crash, then you can expect the insurance company to jump on that opportunity. In some states, if you are 1% or 51% liable for your injuries, then you cannot recover a cent in damages, so liability really does matter.
  • Insurance company bias: There is also the problem of insurance company biases against motorcyclists, as well as those from many members of society. People tend to assume that motorcyclists are reckless thrill-seekers without even knowing anything about the individual. A lawsuit can take longer than expected because your attorney will have to actively work against this bias, which could tempt an insurance company to fight a claim that would have been more readily accepted had another motorist filed it.
  • Court availability: Lawsuits are usually slower than claims that can settle because everything has to go to the courtroom. When there is no room on a court’s schedule to pencil in your case, you will have to look for the next available day. In smaller counties or busier courts, it can take weeks to get a court date. Also, a case can take several way days in court to finalize.

What Can Speed Up a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

Making a motorcycle accident lawsuit take less time is trickier. Typically, rushing a legal process is not the right idea. If you are given ample time to make your plans and steps accordingly, then you are less likely to make an avoidable mistake.

To find a balance between moving your case forward and avoiding missteps, you should work with a motorcycle accident attorney. Using their experience and insight, they can build up your case for you, make sure all the necessary boxes are checked at each step, and respond to inquiries and challenges in a timely manner. While it might not be possible to force your motorcycle accident case to end sooner than later, it is possible to take away obstacles that could’ve slowed it down by hiring a lawyer early on.

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