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What Are Truck Drivers Expected to Do After an Accident?

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Truck drivers are involved in truck accidents every day all across the country. With so many big rigs on the road at any given time and on-the-job negligence becoming a widespread problem, truck accidents are practically expected by trucking companies. In response, each company and independent truckers alike should have a list of steps and procedures in place in case of a truck accident.

Truck drivers are expected to do the following after being in a truck accident:

  • Check on everyone: Every motorist has an unspoken societal duty to check on everyone else after being in an accident. After a crash, the truck driver should follow this common and expected courtesy by asking if everyone is okay. Listen closely to what they say when they check on everyone or have your phone out recording the scene. They might admit fault in their initial check, such as saying something like, “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you. Are you okay?”
  • Call the police: Truck drivers should call local authorities or emergency responders after being in a crash of any severity. Due to the size and weight of their vehicles, it is highly likely that someone has been injured and that part of the road has been blocked. A truck driver who is adamant about not calling the police could have something to hide, like an invalid commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • Stay at the scene: After a crash, all involved parties need to stay at the scene until all contact and insurance information is exchanged with everyone. If the police show up, then a truck driver is also expected to stay until the police allow them to leave. Some truck drivers might try to say that they can’t stay because they need to complete their delivery, and they might just pass a business card to the people they hit instead of official license, insurance, and employer information. Call the police immediately if the truck driver who hit you is starting their engine again and tries to leave. Fleeing the scene illegally is suspicious, and it could convince an insurance adjuster to put more liability on the truck driver.
  • File a report with work: One thing that truck drivers need to do that other motorists don’t is to report the accident with their employer. Trucking companies usually have crash report forms that need to be filled out as soon as possible after a crash. They should also update the personal driving log kept in their vehicle. Your attorney can request copies of these reports to use for your truck accident claim. If the truck driver did not file any reports, or the trucking company refused to hand them over, then it could be another indicator that something is off about the trucker’s driving history or the company’s accident history.

Prepare Your Claim Even Better Than the Opposition

Trucking companies spend major resources on insurance defense teams to try to defeat any truck accident claim that comes their way. If a truck driver fails to follow procedures after a crash, then you can bet that the defense team is already looking for a way to twist things in their favor. Will you be ready for their tactics and strategies?

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