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Plaintiffs Move to Transfer AndroGel Cases to Judge in Northern District of Illinois for Consolidated Pretrial Proceedings


On March 28, counsel for several plaintiffs filed a motion to transfer all cases pending in federal court throughout the United States to the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division for consolidated or coordinated pretrial proceedings.  According to the motion, as of March 28, there are 38 cases pending against the manufacturers of AndroGel, which is the leading testosterone replacement therapy.

AndgroGel is used to treat conditions associated with hypergonadism, a condition of the endocrine system that involves diminished or nonexistent production of testosterone.  Medical studies indicate that testosterone therapy in men can cause serious, adverse cardiovascular events, including heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and other thromboembolic events.

If you have experienced complications associated with the use of AndroGel, contact us to learn about your legal rights.

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