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Faraci Lange Attorney Settles Traffic Guard Accident Case


John A. Falk

Faraci Lange Partner, John Falk, settled a motor vehicle accident case for a Rochester area traffic guard who was hit from behind by an ambulance while directing traffic.

Our client was hit by the ambulance despite the vibrant color clothing he was wearing, indicating the ambulance driver's apparent negligence. Our client suffered a serious leg, ankle, and foot injury from this auto accident.

After sustaining these injuries, the victim attended physical therapy twice a week to gain back his use of motion in the ankle that was injured. It was determined that much of the neuropathy and pain our client still feels to this day is most likely permanent. John was able to negotiate and get a fair settlement for our client.

If you have suffered a serious injury as a result of an auto accident, or have questions or concerns regarding such personal injury claims, contact Faraci Lange today.

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