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  • Every person we encountered at Faraci Lange was supportive and worked diligently to settle our case with the very best results possible.

    We sincerely appreciate everything done for us by the Faraci Lange law firm, especially the way our case was handled by the extremely professional and knowledgeable lawyers, Frank Frascogna and Jenny Fay. From the day we were introduced to Mr. Frascogna, he treated us with kindness and respect, as did everyone in the firm. He explained exactly the steps that would be taken to secure a fair and just settlement and then, followed the detailed plan to the end, with a settlement that actually exceeded our expectations. When Ms. Fay joined the team, she provided the required detailed legal work including exhaustive research and analysis, skilled depositions, and all the proficient documentation necessary to respond to the Court. Her contributions were nothing short of brilliant!

    Patty Grimaldi and Laura Barkewitz assisted Frank and Jenny throughout the process. In looking back, we are especially impressed that they never hesitated to go out of their way to help us or to offer an encouraging word. In fact, every person we encountered at Faraci Lange was supportive and worked diligently to settle our case with the very best results possible.

    While we honestly wish we never needed their services, we are eternally grateful to Faraci Lange that we now have the resources to stay in our home and experience the very best care available.

    - Former Client

  • Professional, Knowledgeable, and Oh So Patient
    Professional, knowledgeable, and oh so patient. Those are just some of the qualities the lawyers at Faraci Lange possess. When my frustrations with the process were heightened, my representative calmly explained how this type of litigation usually proceeds. And patiently explained and answered all my questions in a manner that was easily understood in layman’s terms. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and diligence in resolving my case favorably. Thanks to all.

    - Phil N.

  • Available and Helpful

    We worked with Kristin Merrick during our lawsuit settlement. She was always available and helped through some difficult times. She always kept us updated and advised us as to what our next steps should be. Very professional!

    - Dick K.

    Categories: Kristin Merrick
  • Appreciative and Grateful
    I’m very appreciative and grateful to Faraci Lange for handling my case. Jennifer Fay who was the attorney in this case did a phenomenal job in creating an expertly detailed report on the occurrences that happened in this case. Also a special thanks to Frank Frascogna who accepted this difficult and complicated case for his firm. Frank gave me a realistic expectation due to the complicated matter of this case. At the end of this settlement, my expectations were greatly exceeded. I would most definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need of a top personal injury lawyer. Also thanks to their legal assistant Patty in keeping me updated on the events of this case.

    - Michael M.

    Categories: Patricia Grimaldi, Jennifer Fay, Frank Frascogna
  • Absolutely Wonderful
    When my family was referred to Faraci Lange, I told them what a good reputation the firm held. Never even considered another firm. I could not have made a better decision for our family. I was the person dealing with the law firm for my family. Brian, Kristin, Marissa, and Jessica were all absolutely wonderful. A tragedy is difficult, but with such wonderful, caring people guiding us, the horrible time in our lives was made a little easier to deal with. Brian Zorn was always on top of the matter, keeping me informed as we went along and answering any questions or concerns in a very efficient manner. I would highly recommend the firm and Brian in a heartbeat.

    - Lisa P.

    Categories: Marissa Spitali, Kristin Merrick, Brian Zorn
  • Thankful
    Faraci Lange helped us out when we needed it most. Matt Belanger was behind us 150%, he was always there offering his help in any way we needed it. He was and still is available if we need him at a moment’s notice. All of the staff are very kind and responsive. Knowing that Matt and Faraci Lange were taking care of our needs, we were able to concentrate on our daily living. At the time we were in survival mode. He helped us with every aspect of our lives. All we had to do was ask for a recommendation and Matt would have someone for us that day. There are endless reasons why we are so thankful for Faraci Lange, we highly recommend them to anyone who has suffered a traumatic event in their lives. Our future was a huge unknown, but Faraci Lange helped us get to a place where most of our worries were behind us and we could be at peace. You might think this sounds cliche but it is the honest truth.

    - Richard S.

    Categories: Matthew Belanger
  • Very Polite and Respectful
    Our lawyer, Joe, was very polite and respectful. I was consistently kept informed as the case progressed. All of my questions were answered in a clear and concise manner. I would definitely recommend Faraci Lange to family and friends.

    - Mary R.

    Categories: Joseph Regan
  • Compassionate and Savvy
    I was pleasantly surprised by working with Faraci Lange. I say this because they never seemed like they were ever too busy to speak with me and address my issues. I personally worked with Hadley Matarazzo who was highly professional and caring. I am not sure if I would have “stayed with” the lawsuit is it was not for Hadley and Teresa Zukoski. A great team that demonstrated compassion and savvy.

    - Ronald W.

    Categories: Teresa Zukoski, Hadley Matarazzo
  • Changed Our Lives
    John Falk and the entire team at Faraci Lange changed our lives in such a positive way! John and the team worked tirelessly for over 6 years on our very complicated medical malpractice case to get us a favorable outcome. This has allowed our loved one, the resources to be able to stay at home, happy, and healthy for the rest of her life. I’d give them 10 out of 5 stars! I can’t thank them enough.

    - Steve S.

    Categories: John Falk
  • Extreme Professionalism
    The level of extreme professionalism Brian had during my entire case was second to none. Everything was handled with the utmost consideration and all of my questions were answered thoughtfully, no matter how unintelligent they may have been for someone not accustomed to legal practices. I would highly recommend this firm not only for their integrity but also because they truly fight for their clients' best interests and continue to do so even when your case is long over. I recently was contacted by another plaintiff's investigator for my accident 3 years ago, and when I called the office to let them know I received the exact same level of professionalism and care as I would have if my case was ongoing. These people care about what they do and aren't out to make a quick buck off of you. Excellence all around.

    - Former Client

  • Professional, Fair, and Honest
    We employed the services of Faraci and Lange following a Christmas Eve encounter with a drunk driver which claimed the life of our 14-year-old daughter. John and his associates were genuinely sympathetic to our tragic circumstances, as well as being professional, fair, and honest. We highly recommend them to you.

    - Tony B.

  • Grateful
    They were amazing! Angelo Faraci was very detailed and spent countless hours with us. We were very happy with our outcome! We still keep in contact today.

    - Marybeth M.

  • Professional Yet Caring

    I was impressed with Faraci Lange when I walked into their office – the appearance was very professional as was the receptionist. Mr. Schwarz and Lesley were everything I would have expected from an attorney when I first met them – professional yet caring. They were the best! They are the best! I would recommend Faraci Lange to anyone! 

    - Patsy S.

    Categories: Stephen Schwarz, Lesley Niebel
  • Treated Me Like a Top Priority
    Faraci Lange is an amazing law firm that I would highly recommend although I’m in another state, I still would. Kathryn Lee Bruns always treated me like a top priority even though I know she was busy with so many other cases. I always felt very taken care of, with great communication and follow-up. They always kept me in the loop with details and dates and anything else I needed. I am so very glad I found Faraci online.

    - Kellie D.

    Categories: Kathryn Bruns
  • Couldn’t Have Had a Better Attorney
    Brian Zorn was extremely honest and professional. He always kept in contact with me throughout the duration of my case. I couldn’t have had a better attorney representing me! Thank you, Brian!

    - Lori M.

    Categories: Brian Zorn
  • Very Pleased
    We were very pleased with the representation that we received from Faraci Lange. Stephen Schwarz and Lesley Niebel kept us informed during the procedure. We appreciate the positive outcome of our case. We would recommend them to family and friends at any time. Thank you!

    - Michael S.

    Categories: Stephen Schwarz, Lesley Niebel

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